Created in 2012, France Créative brings together players from all sectors of the cultural and creative industries: graphic and plastic arts, music, performing arts, cinema, books, press, video games, architecture, audiovisual, etc...

Who are we

What we do

Through the publication of several economic studies, France Créative has underscored the important role the cultural and creative economy plays on the national and European stage. The success of this initiative, which has been taken up at European and global level, along with the need to create a common platform to influence the national debate, led the members of France Créative to form a non-profit association in order to become a key player in the world of culture and creativity – and in the cultural and creative industries.

Cultural and creative industries

A key component in France's global influence and competitiveness

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Music, performing arts, graphic and plastic arts, cinema, video games, press, publishing, audiovisual, architecture, advertising, etc.

These 10 industries all contribute to the wealth of culture and creativity in France.

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The amount of revenue generated by the 10 major French cultural and creative industries . Together, they account for more revenue than the luxury or pharmaceutical industries. 

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Authors, artists, booksellers, music teachers, stage managers and more. The cultural and creative industries represent more than 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs, most of which cannot be relocated and are highly diverse.

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Percentage increase in the number of foreign tourists who said they had participated in a cultural activity during their stay in France between 2013 and 2018, before the health crisis.

Economic studies

The EY consultancy has carried out several studies for France Créative on the influence the cultural and creative industries have in the economies of France, Europe and the world.